About the Artist:

About the Artist: Sam Kalensky.

• Yo! Sam Kalensky here! I'm an independent artist & character designer from Vancouver, BC Canada. My trademarks are vivid colours, punchy line work, dynamic frames, chaotic compositions, and slick and silly smears! – I self produce and draw everything here myself!! – I annually table at our local conventions & events and have done so since 2010!!
• My favourite things to draw are Food, Folklore & VideoGames. I am also making an original comic series called Landfish and Shark which you can currently read via joining my club on patreon.
• When i'm not doing that i'm probably drawing, researching monsters or taking care of the hens: We have 3 pet Milledeflur Chickens: Lilly, Millie & Flur & a Shizu named Arf - you might occasionally see them in my photo sets:
I am typically available for hire:
My full work Portfolio is here and my full Resume is here.
For inquires please email: samkalensky@gmail.com
(or use the chat box at the bottom of the screen.)

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