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@SamKalensky FAQ, Shop Policies & TOS.


[Frequently Asked Questionmarks???]

Q: How long does a design take you to make?

A: Unique sticker designs usually take anywhere between 3-12 hours to draw from start to finish. depending on the details/research involved. Detailed Prints sometimes take upwards of 12+ sometimes, even longer to plan out. That said it varies depending on the subject at hand & regardless The work is usually spread out over a few days/weeks. If you want to watch me create something live, check out the videos on my twitch channel: twitch.tv/samkalensky

Q: Printer Specs?

A: I'm quite proud to say: I handle the creation of the majority of my own merch in-house from the concept to the final package: I own an artisan model Wide Format Epson Printer – which uses 9 different kinds of ink for that vibrant appearance. – each one is artisan/museum quality: in otherwords The colors will stay exactly as vivid & crisp as they where intended to be and will stay as such for a lifetime if treated well! - My Stickers and Pins are weather-resistanant hand cut by myself or my younger sibling who is hired to help!

Q: Sizing? Can you do Custom sized sticker orders/prints?

A: yea! I can print anything you like at a custom size from anywhere as small as an inch to as big as a 17x22 poster! - I can also do stickers, pins, magnets and even 3d prints! a holographic laminate overlay is also available for most stickers. (makes them stronger & fully finger proof.) – I am usually available for hire and can draw custom stickers buttons and Print designs at an hourly rate (scroll down for more info.) - If you want to arrange specific custom sizes/cuts for your order please contact me in the chatbox at the bottom of the screen: 

My Custom Sticker/Magnet pricing generally goes as follows:

  • "Small" = 1"-3" | $4/ea. | Combo any 3 for $10.
  • "Regular" = 3.5"-5" | $8/ea. | Combo any 3 for $20.
  • "Jumbo" = 6"-"8" | $15/ea. | Combo any 3 for $35.
  • "Page Size" = "8.5x11" | $20/Ea | Combo any 3 for $35.

Bigger you go/more you order the more you save with the combo. [sizes may vary and are approximate depending on the design.] - My stickers are all hand cut sizes may vary. - Most stickers in the shop are regular size at approximately 3.5"-5" (depending on the design.) - Smaller stickers are much rarer from me because they take a long time to cut out. - if you would like to arrange a custom sized sticker, please contact me via the chat box at the bottom of the screen!

Q: What programs/materials do you use?

A: I am a trad-digital artist meaning that I usually start with a quick pencil sketch on paper and then handle the bulk of my drawing in Adobe Animate (Toon boom harmony as of 2023) using a digital pen and 24" tablet called a Cintiq. -

• Materials: My sticker paper is ordered from OnlineLabels.com, My Limited Enamel pins where produced via the PinCompany. Deskmats where a collab via the KeyCompany. My Shirts are made locally at Make &/or T-shirt company & My Bizcards and Zines are made at Clubcard!

Q: Sticker Care Instructions?:

A: My Stickers are weather resistant which means they can survive well outside for a time, on a laptop or on a cars bumper! – But, Do keep in mind that your fingers and body oil is not weather. So: its best to keep them somewhere they will not be in constant contact with fingers!!However: a laminate solves that problem entirely and will look very cool to boot!! – I can apply this finish to any of my stickers for just a dollar or two extra optionally. just let me know via the chat at the bottom of the screen.

•[ Copyright & other Legal stuff ]•

All designs, characters, images & photos featured in my shop & website are ©samkalensky all rights are reserved under Canadian BC law. (unless otherwise noted!) – My products are intended to be used for your personal use only and are never intended for resale beyond my own shop in any form. - PLEASE contact me at samkalensky@gmail.com if you intend to resell my work or if you would like to work out a licensing deal for a characters design! My name is usually watermarked on images in a way that you would not normally notice it (unless you where actively looking for it.)Under absolutely no circumstances should the data on this website, my works, characters or images to be used as Non/Fungible/Tokens, Scraped or otherwise used for Ai training or to be associated with other Blockchain related shenanigans!  – to this, I absolutely do NOT consent!! –

• As a note to Small Creators/Podcasts/Youtuber's: I generally don't mind if you use my photos/art in your videos! (in fact, I'd be flattered!) as long you link back to my site in the description & on screen! [Mr Goombah has the ideal example of how I'd like to be credited, see example below.] - If you're ever unsure, please just ask! - [if you're reading this in hindsight, Tips are always appreciated and i also offer the HD Art & Photos via my patreon.] Any other use is strictly not allowed as per the above listed specifications, again please contact me at samkalensky @ gmail.com with any questions!

Each Listing usually features the earliest Print, News clipping or other Illustrations as the last slides/in the description These images are usually subject to the public domain or are otherwise featured for historical/educational purposes only! – [if for some reason I'm mistaken & i mistakenly used something that i shouldn't have, please don't be shy to reach out! i'll gladly remove the picture in question, post haste!]  – They are generally not part of the work or intended to be re-sold as part of the listing. - Any misinformation or infringement is unwilling/unintentional on the part of Sam Kalensky & others that helped make this site a reality, further attributions, general citations and due credits are also given on my bibliography page. (if you use my site for research of any kind, please link back to me or include my website in a bibliography of your own!)

Q: Can I get "this" design as a Tattoo or TeeShirt? 

A:  Not without asking first! – I now offer Tattoo certificates via Patreon & Custom Shirts via my Website! - please see either link for more info! :)

Q: Where are your Fan-Works? Smash Bros Badges, Poyo Parade & such? are they available online?

A: For the most part I've decided to keep those off my website and keep them as Convention/Event exclusives: I feel It makes them just a tiny bit more special that way. Plus, out of respect to the original creators, i feel it would be unfair to make a constant profit off of my parody/unofficial works. - A bit of a disclaimer: Regardless of how you fling it: My Fanworks are always sold for a very limited time and where created because I am a fan of the series or character in question, they where created in mind of fun/celebration before profit and self produced on a limited run.  – I've always done my best to research & make sure that the IP holder is ok with fanworks existing in the first place. - When something sells out, I only restock once in a blue moon, if at all. For my fan works, I claim no ownership over the popular characters or the IP. - [Other than the fact that I created the art - on that note: My fan-works are also not be reprinted, edited or resold by anyone but myself.] – if you've lost a pin or convention exclusive badge, feel free to reach out via the chat at the bottom of the screen, i'm happy to reconnect ya. :)

 Q: I want to hire/commission you to make something for me! 

Thank you! Please Contact me for a price quote at: samkalensky@gmail.com or poke me via the chat at the bottom of the screen. i'll respond asap with a quote and time frame!

[Shop Policies]

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?
A: Approximately; my shipping dates are usually on or adjacent to the 5th, 15th or 25th of each month. - Once shipped, most domestic orders take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days to arrive depending on the efficiency of the local postal service. [I ship via Canada post usually.] - International shipping delivery times may vary between 2 and 12 weeks. - Please be patient and keep in mind i am just one person managing this shop, that said, if i'm ever late with something or if for some reason something doesn't arrive, please don't be shy to reach out - if something is lost i'm more than happy to make it up by sending it as a bonus along with your next order.

Express shipping & Tracking, Gift Wrapping can be also be arranged but it will usually cost extra.

Q: Returns & exchanges?
•Contact me within: 14 days of delivery
•Dispatch items back within: 30 days of delivery. 
•I do not accept cancellations.
Buyers are also responsible for return postage costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.
• Please contact me if you have any problems with your order! 

The following items cannot be returned or exchanged: unless they arrive damaged or defective. Because of the nature of these items: I cannot accept returns for:

  • Custom or Personalised orders.
  • Perishable products.
  • Digital downloads.
  • Intimate items. (for health/hygiene reasons)

•[Thank you for reading!]•