July 2023

Just a quick recap post with links to all of my monsters stickers I drew this month! if you where at UBC and said yo today, thank you!!! I'll see you next month at anirevo!

• Nyubachibo. - https://samkalensky.com/products/nyubachibo

• NightCrawler2 - https://samkalensky.com/products/fresno-night-crawlers

• Cave Hodag - https://samkalensky.com/products/cave-hodags

• Hanaduda Obake - https://samkalensky.com/products/hanafuda-obake

• Akadenchu - https://samkalensky.com/products/akadenchu

• Skunkape - samkalensky.com/products/skunkape

• Space Acorn - https://samkalensky.com/products/space-acorn

• BogHop - https://samkalensky.com/products/bog-hop

PS: Dont forget. custom shirt orders are live for both my bloody bonsai – https://samkalensky.com/products/custom-shirt-order

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