Yokai Zine – Hyakki Yagyo – Night Parade of 100 Demons - PART 2
Yokai Zine – Hyakki Yagyo – Night Parade of 100 Demons - PART 2
Yokai Zine – Hyakki Yagyo – Night Parade of 100 Demons - PART 2

Yokai Zine – Hyakki Yagyo – Night Parade of 100 Demons - PART 2

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• What are yokai? •
"yōkai" 妖怪, – are supernatural monsters, ghosts, spirits & demons from Japanese folklore. - The combination of two different words roughly meaning "bewitching; attractive; calamity"; and "spectre; apparition; mysterious; suspicious". - The term "yokai" can cover just about anything from ghosts, demons, to the generally unexplained, emotional, paranormal to even divine phenomena!! - Sometimes modern day Cryptids & UMA (Unidentified mysterious animals.) also fall under this umbrella term. - Youkai can be horrific terrors or even just plain silly or sweet, sometimes they'll even bring good fortune to those that cross their paths!

• Hyakki Yagyo: or "The Night Parade of 100 demons" is a Japanese Legend when all the Yokai (demons, ghosts and monsters) parade through town causing mayhem, mischief and chaos. It's said that the monsters can only be stopped when you say a magical spell: KA-TA-SHI-HA-YA, E-KA-SE-NI-KU-RI-NI, TA-ME-RU-SA-KE, TE-E-HI, A-SHI-E-HI, WA-RE-SHI-KO-NI-KE-RI (カタシハヤ, エカセニクリニ, タメルサケ, テエヒ, アシエヒ, ワレシコ) - it has been interpreted dozens of times over the ages, with well over 1000 years of history and dozens of ancient picture scrolls, books, etc - My 'zine series was largely inspired by Toriyama Sekiens: The Illustrated Night Parade of a Hundred Demons" (1776) – but this zine covers yokai and legends not included in those books as well, (so its more of a general bestiary.)

• Issue #2 of my 6 part zine series includes 20 more Yōkai biographies, Charm Time & Did you Noh?
Tofu-Kozo. - "The Tofu Kid."
Rokurokubi. - "Pully Necked dreamer."
Mikoshi-Nyudo. - "The Anticipating priest."
Garappa. - "Kyushu's Lanky Kappa!"
Kawauso. - "River Otters in Disguise."
Kitsune: Yako. - "Naughty Field Foxes."
Kitsune: Tenko. - "Inari's Spirit Foxes."
Tanuki. - "we are /Not/ Raccoons!!"
Maneki Neko. - "a very fortunate kitty."
Bake Neko+Nekomusume. - "Changing cats & The Cat Daughter."
Nekomata. - "Twin tailed, Bad bad kitty."
Kameosa & Chokuboron. - "Drink and be merry!"
Ningyo. - "Dont eat the mermaid meat."
Jinja-hime. - "Shrine Priestess of Ryugu!"
Amabie. - "The Healing Mermaid!"
Heikegani. - "Samurai Ghost Crabs!"
Yukinbo. - "The little Mountain Boy!"
Yamabiko. - "Echo! Echo! Echooo-Ya-HOO!!"
AzukiArai. - "The red bean grinder."
Charm time: TeruTeruBozu. - Sunshine Monk.
Did you Noh? - 'popular festival masks.'

• My Goal: For this series of Zines is to draw and interpret as many Monsters, Ghosts, Demons, Myths, Legends, Cryptids (and adjacent subjects), as I possibly can and have a lot of fun doing so! – I eventually plan to expand and draw from other folklore and myths, modern day paranormal and cryptozoology as well, but I decided to start with Japans Night parade of 100 yokai because it is what interested me the most, 100 seemed like a good goal to get me going (and to be blunt, I just think youkai are neat!!!) - You can expect a new issue of my Night parade zine to come out every 20 or so yokai, as I complete them!

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Amazing! I love absolutely everything about these books. They're wonderfully printed on really solid materials, so every illustration is bright and sharp. Besides the technical aspect of things, they're so much fun. Sam's work is really fantastic -- beautiful and a little goofy at the same time -- and in this case, well researched to boot! These zines would make a great addition to anyone who collects comics/zines, people who appreciate lively, story-telling art, or people who just generally like rad artwork that makes them smile! I'm so looking forward to future installments. Thank you very, very much! - posted to etsy on 14 May, 2021

Sweet on 26 Apr, 2022
Sweet on 26 Apr, 2022

The art is fun and whimsical. Super informative about yokai! Had all 3 types of cat demons!!! Like never seen a book with all three!! I love yokai and its perfect! ♡