The Nikoro incident: Kitami invaders- [Alien]
The Nikoro incident: Kitami invaders- [Alien]
The Nikoro incident: Kitami invaders- [Alien]
The Nikoro incident: Kitami invaders- [Alien]
The Nikoro incident: Kitami invaders- [Alien]

The Nikoro incident: Kitami invaders- [Alien]

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The "Nikoro incident." -  "仁頃事件 (にころじけん)" -

named after a neighborhood in Kitami city, where it occurred on April 6 1974 Kitami, Hokkaido, Japan. They might be better known as “the kitami abductors” in English - these “Starfish/Squid-like" Aliens abducted one Yoshiro Fujiwara (28, Farmer) on four separate occasions. - Taking him to both the Moon & Jupiter: Soon after, Yoshiro claimed that he was able to bend spoons & that he had a role as earths protector in the "Summon Call Space Union.” - Prior to the incident: Mr Yoshiro had no interest in aliens at all and worked diligently on the vegetable farm with his Mother.
[Being One of japans "Big 3" Ufo cases, as such it was covered & sensationalized in magazines, books & comics in the 70 & 80's, it appeared during the hight of the global "humanoid aliens" boom as well! I've taken time to research & paraphrase the story & information from various English  & Japanese sources.] –

"On April 6th 1974 at 3:00 AM Mr Yoshiro Fujiwara was rudely awaked by the Loud barking of his guard dog and a repeated knock at the front door of his house. – When he opened the door, to his suprise & horror: a short 3ft tall, bulbous headed creature was waiting for him. – Before he could react: The creature pointed upwards, its hand glowed orange. and the entire house was enveloped with an incredibly hot, orange light! –

Mr Yoshiro, terrified, retreated to his bedroom, where he is said to have observed out his window: floating above his house a large, 8m disk shaped flying saucer emitting an orange coloured beam, soon yoshiro found himself being pulled upwards, floating through the air: he was literally "absorbed" by the ship. – Blanking out.

[Yoshiros sketch explanation about how he was abducted.]
Returning to his senses, Yoshihiro found himself lying on the floor of the saucer,  it was a dingy blue inside with bright lights and a noxious smell like a locker room, several aliens where at various stations around the room, but there where two observing him.

[Mr Yoshiros sketch of the ships insides]

[Mr yoshiros sketch of the aliens.]

The aliens (often described looking something akin to a "octopid or starfish-men" had slimy brown-orange, toad-like skin, covered with colorful yellow & blue  "scabs" - wore transparent, shiny vinyl space suits which had a small antenna at the top, which emitted "strange gleams" (often said to be something like an electrical pulse or force field coating the creatures entire body.) They had sharp eyes & V-Shaped holes for their nostrils and ears. long, pointy limbs ending in a nubs and a somewhat goofy smile across their faces.  – The aliens calmed Fujiwara down by telling him: "No danger. we will release you close to your home."

[An illustration rendition from –  "Shogakukan Introductory Encyclopedia Series 42: Flying Saucers and Aliens"  by Toshiya Nakaoka, 1980s)]

After flying around for about an hour, around 4:30 AM the disc landed within 3 km of Fujiwara's house, he was allowed to leave and asked for help at a neighbours home. – you'd think that would be that, but the following evening: Fujiawara felt a strong pain in his ears and a strange heat at his fingertips, his fingers moved as if his hand was being controlled!!  he started to write out a strange message: 
– "When the disc lands on the mountain, you will come and board by yourself." –
After this Fujiwara claimed in an interview that he could "hear the aliens" telepathically and that he had developed psychic powers and was able to bend spoons,  - Apparently he was abducted yet again on the evenings of April 8th and April 10th - 
[the info about these times is more scarce, but the creatures seemed to be more friendly these times around (Allegedly an NHK news crew (that where covering something unrelated) at one point found Yoshiro collapsed In the snow following one of these encounters, unfortunately I am unable to find this recording or more data  if true.)] - 

- On the evening of the 13th, he was abducted yet again this time, he  was given a 'tour of solar system" allegedly he flew to the Moon and Jupiter, upon his return, Yoshiro was given a "Jupiter stone" as proof of his travels. 

[Supposedly The actual Jupiter stone.] - After being X-rayed, the stone was just local stalactite made of limestone. - [Jupiter is of course, a GasGiant so there is no such thing as rocks there, but it's possible that he meant Titan: Jupiters moon.]

[Illustration of the UFO from the book: " [小学館入門百科シリーズ42 空飛ぶ円盤と宇宙人]" 

[Photo of Yoshiro from the book "円盤に乗った青年のマジメな話" [Img source.]
Yoshiro in later interviews claimed that his telepathic powers had grown much stronger, beyond mere spoon bending and that he could teleport to a planets beyond our own solar system! – In one interview, he claimed that he could "Teleport 250 million light years away in 6 minutes” & that his “role was delaying natural disasters such as earthquakes and eruptions." He also claimed that he was accepted as the earthly representative for the “Summon Call Space Union" or “Samcall” (sadly he didn't really elaborate on what that might have meant.) 
If internet rumours are to be believed: then Yoshiro 'left to space' in one of his UFO's in 1995 and to this day more than 40 years later, Mr Yoshiro's where abouts are still unknown....

Art by Samkalensky Part of my Ufology series of stickers, 3" Glossy, Weather resistant. follow @samkalensky & Check my shop for many more!! :)