Teke Teke - テケテケ- [Yokai|UrbanLegend]
Teke Teke - テケテケ- [Yokai|UrbanLegend]
Teke Teke - テケテケ- [Yokai|UrbanLegend]
Teke Teke - テケテケ- [Yokai|UrbanLegend]
Teke Teke - テケテケ- [Yokai|UrbanLegend]

Teke Teke - テケテケ- [Yokai|UrbanLegend]

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Teke Teke. - (JP: テケテケ)

•About this Yokai:

A somewhat gristly urban legend and popular ghost story dating back to at least the '70s, There are so many variations to the story now and so many different tellings, regional varients and Movie, Comics and Games based on it, and just as much conflicting information, that it's impossible to trace down an exact origin. - The basic gist of her story, goes something like this... [A general content warning, please be warned dear reader, this tale isn't a pretty one]

 "One frigid winter evening at a railway station somewhere on the outskirts of Hokkaido, a tragic accident took place. A female high school student by the name of "Kashima Reiko" slipped and fell off the platform and in front of an oncoming train. It was thought that she died instantly, so, no ambulance was called... ...Unfortunately, That cold winter air caused her blood vessels to freeze and constrict... Reiko's upper half writhed and squirmed around for a while longer, though through her pain, she managed to desperately crawl over to the attendants box... “H-help Me!!!” she cried out...
The horrified staff who noticed, realized that there was nothing which they could do for her.--(There are some things basic first aid training just doesn't prepare you for.) --The girl had lost her entire lower torso from the waist down and was clearly beyond help... So instead of even trying to help, they just covered her up with a cold, wet, tarp.. and that girl died a slow, miserable death...  Nights soon after, the people in the area began to see the ghost of a woman with no lower torso haunting the tracks and the area, its said If you notice her, she'll chase after you on her elbows and if she catches you-- Well... it's better not to gossip about someone who's listening..."

Teke-Teke is aptly named after the sound of her dragging herself along the ground: *tek-tek* is an Onomatopoeia of The sound of her elbows (and likely her sickle) frantically scraping along a hard, concrete floor... Despite no longer having a lower half: they are known to chase after people at incredible speeds (for instance, it's said that if you're in a car going over 150 mph, she -will- catch up with you.)

- If you're caught, she'll slash you in half, leaving you to die in the same miserable way she did she often carries a farmer's scythe (or more classically a sickle) as her weapon of choice...

--Of course, details such as the who, what, when, where and why of Teke-Teke's story often change depending on the telling, the exact reason she died: (Suicide, Bullying and Murder are the most popular three. But it's also just as often, simply a tragic accident.) Sometimes it’s a bus rather than a train, etc, etc.

Who and how old she is: most commonly teke-teke appear as high school girls,  occasionally its an older office lady, rarely a granny, or even more scarcely, a man. As well, the reason for why she kills almost always changes. sometimes she kills for vengeance against the people who abandoned her. other times, it's just plain manslaughter or for fun.--There are even some variations of the story where her victims, once chopped in half will turn into the 'new' Teke-Teke...

"Kashima Reiko" (JP:カシマレイコ) is supposedly teke-teke's 'true' name, and repeating it to her 3 times will make her vanish. - The name comes from "Ka as in mask (仮面), shi as in death (死), ma as in demon (魔), rei as in ghost (霊), and ko as in accident (事故).”

- There is one problem with that however...

The name "Kashima Reiko" also belongs to a number of other ghosts from the time 70's onwards including the popular, masked "Kuchisake-onna." (The slit mouth woman) --it's also sometimes (but not always) given to the "Bag Woman" as well as "The Granny who sells legs" and a number of other ghosts who's stories where popular at around the same time period. - The main similarity is that these ghosts tend to be serial mutilators in some way and will chop up their victims to make them resemble themselves.

--There's also the nearly identical story of "Kashima-san" (often said to be directly derived from teke-teke mostly due to having a nearly identical train-severing origin story.) - The main difference is that Kashima-san often appears as a ghost that primarily haunts train station toilets and as you sit, she'll knock on the door and ask you several questions: (somewhat similar to Akamanto & even some versions of Hanako-san.) Her most common questions are...

“Do you need legs?” - or - "Where are my legs?"

You must answer her questions cleverly or you'll soon find yourself without legs. (or sometimes, too many legs!!!) - the right way to answer is usually: "I'm using them right now." - & - "At the express station." after which she'll typically ask: "who told you my story" The correct answer is her name own (I suppose that "Kashima Reiko" is a good name to know if you ever find yourself being stalked by slasher ghosts in general.)

--I neglected t to mention earlier: it's also often said if you hear this story: a ghost with no bottom half will appear to you at night within 3 days... if she does appear to you, it's probably easiest to say her name 3 times rather than try to memorize the answers lest you get them incorrect!...

I digress, Most of these ghosts are better suited for further
elaboration/their own stickers another time. huhuhu~

Sticker Art by @Samkalensky (yo thats me!) - Part of my Night parade of 100 Demons - Yokai & Japanese folklore sticker collection, weather resistant 4" Glossy sticker. Check my shop & follow @samkalensky for many more!