Momotarō – 桃太郎 – peach boy. – Oni slayer folk hero sticker
Momotarō – 桃太郎 – peach boy. – Oni slayer folk hero sticker
Momotarō – 桃太郎 – peach boy. – Oni slayer folk hero sticker
Momotarō – 桃太郎 – peach boy. – Oni slayer folk hero sticker
Momotarō – 桃太郎 – peach boy. – Oni slayer folk hero sticker
Momotarō – 桃太郎 – peach boy. – Oni slayer folk hero sticker
Momotarō – 桃太郎 – peach boy. – Oni slayer folk hero sticker
Momotarō – 桃太郎 – peach boy. – Oni slayer folk hero sticker
Momotarō – 桃太郎 – peach boy. – Oni slayer folk hero sticker

Momotarō – 桃太郎 – peach boy. – Oni slayer folk hero sticker

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The Peach Boy – Oni Slayer Momotaro.

"Once upon a time, there was an old lady, she and her husband where very poor and sadly unable to have a child.
One evening, the old woman was washing their clothes in the river, when suddenly, she saw something oddly shaped... like a butt bobbing down stream...  Stunned, she just stopped and stared at it until it bobbed closer: when she got a better look, she excitedly realized, thats not a butt! It was actually an gigantic plump peach that was floating down the river towards her!!!  
So, She took it home with the laundry, thinking it would be a good snack to share with her husband. 
...Just when the couple was about to cut it down the middle using the largest blade they had. Suddenly a voice cried out "WAIT!!!! DONT EAT ME!!!" and a  baby boy erupted from inside the peach! - "I was sent from the heavens to be your kid!!!!"  
The couple was delighted!! – (understandably a little shocked to meet a talking baby that they almost ate.) ...but delighted none the less!! – They decided to adopt and name the boy Momotaro (aka "Peach boy.") The couple was no longer lonely and the three lived happily for some years.
Growing up, they weren't very wealthy but they got by, Momotaro soon realized he wasn't like other kids, he was exceptionally strong and good with a sword....
...One night, Momotaro had a terribble nightmare: A band of marauding Oni's from "Onigashima" (Oni Island) had attacked a nearby village and stole everyones riches.
Distressed, Momotaro leapt into action!! – he told his parents "I need to go fight some Onis be back later!!!" – His parents where shocked and worried but quite supportive: his father gave him his armour and his mom made him a banner and dumplings for the trip....
"Good luck Momotaro!"  – they cheered as he walked off into the distance.
On the way, Momotaro was getting pretty lonely, he stopped for a moment to eat when out of the corner of his eye a small doggy walked by. 
"What smells so good, bow wow?"-- "Wow a talking dog...uh... Just the best dumplings in Japan!"-- "if you give me one I'll come with you!" ....and so he did, Momotaro let the dog carry the banner.
Soon the two where walking along when a monkey dropped down from a cliff.  - "EEK!! nobody goes past without my say so!"
 The monkey and the dog where at odds, but Momotaro stopped them with a dumpling each.
The monkey joined the party!! 
They where getting pretty close to the ocean when suddenly a pheasant swooped down – "Caw caw! I smelled something good back there!!" – Momotaro broke out the dumplings once again. 
Everyone was getting along great!! When suddenly they reached the ocean and had a bit of a problem... Exactly, how where they going to get across to the island!?
Thankfully the monkey was clever and derived a plan! The pheasant could fly up and get a better view.
Soaring above the waters the pheasant found a raft! They asked the dog to get it for them since he could swim well enough.
The group then sailed across the sea! The bird flew over ahead to scout saw that there where hundred's upon hundreds of ogres, fortunately the guards where asleep... They got to the gate, the monkey climbed over and opened it for them, Momotaro and the group charged in!!!  – it was a fantastic battle, Momotaro & his friends fought hundreds upon hundreds of the demons! 
 Until they found their leader, who Momotaro wrestled into submission!
"Please stop, we surrender!" said the Oni's leader "just take the treasure and leave!!"
"only if you promise not to do bad things anymore!
"We wont!! we promise, just go already!!"
Momotaro took the treasure back home to the village! – who where very grateful to have their goods back, Momotaro and his friends where then famous! The monkey dog and pheasant where allowed to live in the village and eat as many dumplings as they could eat! - Momotaro and his parents soon became more wealthy than they could imagine. – Everyone lived happily ever after! – The end!!!
(Sadly I didnt have a monkey villager so that part was played by my siblings character lol) hope you enjoyed this bit of fun!!)


• Bonus Fun-facts:
Oni Directions. – The pheasant, monkey and dog are actually representative of the opposite cardinal direction to the Tiger and Ox! – As I explained briefly on my earlier post about Oni, The Oni are said to have the Horns/Body of an ox and the fangs of a Tiger!. The northeast cardinal direction is called the "Oni Gate." - If you where to put the zodiac in a circle (imagine it sort of like a compass?) then the opposite direction points towards the dog monkey and bird! - (in Japan its commonly a pheasant rather than a Rooster!)
Taro-kun? – if the name taro sounds familiar: thats because taro is a overall a common name for young boys and is often a place holder name, (Think like John Doe.) Don't get Momotaro confused with Kitaro, the golden boy! (another folk hero)
War time propaganda. – During WWII Momotaros story was often used as a political cartoon. ( Momotaro being the Japanese government, the animals being the general population and then Oni where often the United States.)

Sticker Art by @Samkalensky (yo thats me!) - Part of my Night parade of 100 Demons - Yokai & Japanese folklore sticker collection, weather-resistant 4" Glossy sticker. Check my shop & follow @samkalensky for many more! - the  above snapshots where taken in animal crossing new horizons.