Update: BattleofBC4 [making of the event poster & thank you!]

Thank you all so much for everything this weekend! id say without a doubt:
@battleofbc has the strongest sense of community in all the events I’ve attended, it meant so much to see you all happy again after two long years away.  Please stay well and keep shining! – Thank you all for your support!!

Below is a 'making of' the poster i did for the tournament! – i actually went through a few concept doodles first, they wanted something with a summer theme:

[Sketch of Chu floating on an innertube. the city line and mountains where going to be in the background. Green bandana chu was to reflect the winner of last years tourney.] There was also going to be a pichu version to match (sadly i forgot to snapshot it) my inspiration was going to be the baby from the nirvana album. ]

- After i did those rapid fire sketches they decided to lean into the basketball theme, so i decided to go with it & started from scratch.

[sketch] - i decided to do captain falcon because he was the mascot in the tournaments trailers, wii fit was picked instead of Samus because she’s a bit over saturated in tourney artwork. Pikachu always appears in my posters haha


(by the way, giving credit where its due the jersey logos are by ontario artist PorcelainPlants be sure to check them out too!!)

[Finishing touches]


this took the better part of 2 days (an incredible crunch on my part) so i hope everyone enjoyed :) (i'm sure they did because it sold out at the event!!) – if you missed your chance to get the poster it will be available until Friday @ https://www.start.gg/tournament/battle-of-bc-4-2/shop/swag-shop-1

if you want to nab some more of my smash pins or kirby stickers, join my sticker/pin club over on my patreon [they're Event/Patreon exclusive so you wont find them available elsewhere online!]

Unfortunately it seems like i'll have to cancel my appearance at the upcoming VancouverRetrogamingExpo on the 25th. – as something important has come up that weekend! (I'm prepping to move.) - I'm happy to say that i'll likely be back at UBC again for local tourney: Heros vs Villians - August 6th (& I'll likely still be at Anime Revolution on July 29th-31st as well) :)

as for website & patreon updates we'll be back to our normal schedule soon enough! the upcoming zines will continue production early next week. i'm still aiming for august release.


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