Thanks for your support at Anime Revolution!!

What a great weekend! thank you all for your support ❤️I’ll be back next year for certain ✨ I am absolutely exhausted, but feeling extremely motivated!!!! ~ A few highlights
  • Getting to tell The curse of colonel S story 4 times
  • Lil kids getting excited about my Folklore/Urban Legends collection [They asked for Hanako-san specifically because they where writing a report about her which is SO COOL! i hope they get an A+!]
  • People losing their minds over the sheer amount of Kirbys/Me having their mains
  • Someone asked about tentapals!! (I'll bring them back someday!!!)
  • At one point someone said I was an inspiration, it was very, VERY sweet!!
  • Someone showed me what they did with one of my 3d printed skulls I sold YEARS AGO!!!! (below)
  • People still wearing my older Poke go merch (from 3+) years before the pandemic!!
  • I Sold out of my cherry blossom shirts! (I'll be putting in a re-order soon!
  • There was a lot of very nice/sweet things that happened too, I'll be sure to list em as I recount 'em, but mostly it was really nice to see friends, and spend time with familiar faces <3 Thank U!!! if you couldn't be there, I hope to see you next time! I'll be at the pinnacle in November as well
This was the certainly the dopamine boost I desperately needed, I'm feeling much more motivated and like myself after such a long time. gosh. I'll have some new art in a couple days (time for a nap.) Thank you all for the support & kind words, it truly means the world to me~!!!!! if you like what I do, reminder to check out my patreon too

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