New sticker: Kicklesnifter - [fearsome critter]

Kicklesnifter - [fearsome critter] - A small creature: not much bigger than your thumb, very shy: they hide in elderly mens beards and are constantly giggling to themselves (Beard hair tickles.) - They are said to be seen peeking out at you when you're drowsy and about to drift off to dreamland after a downing delightful dinner ... An Aquatic variety is sometimes said to be seen in the centre of circular lakes, when alerted they bore a big hole in the bottom, The Snifters, snicker at you, as you sprint to sail away from the swirling spritz!! Some in the species also munch on metal or chew on cherries. - To summarize; KickleSnifters are simply the radical results of a sequence of satisfying syllables. - Full post & deep dive: @

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