lil progress update for May~

[April 30th was my birthday so I've been a bit quiet this week! thank you all for the well wishes and expect more stickers very soon! (maybe even later today!!)]
✨My Goals 4 2023 ✨
1. Draw 300+ yokai, 100+ critters.
[Currently @ 226 & 74~ I average 8/month]
2. Finish off Yokai Zine 3 & Critters Zine 1 by fall.
[About 85% done just a few choice monsters that I rly wanna include.]
3. Reach 50 Patrons & $200/month?
After I complete the Critters my Next Yokai zine, of course I wanna start an "Alien-encounters zine" and an "Urban-Legends" focused zine too.✨❤️
Since someone asked recently: Sadly no Vancaf for me this year! (I never made it off the waitlist...) Hopefully next time. Though if you're in the area, you WILL find me at the convention centre that weekend! 👉Battle of BC👈 & you'll also find me at Anime Revolution this year in August. (Then sadly that's it for the year.) I've been taking my return to IRL events slow for the ongoing covid concerns (+related personal stuff.) - Really hoping that I'll be back to my former pace of IRL events by 2024? -

-- Also this month on the 18th: My dad's gonna be on the JUNO AWARDS! indited into the hall of fame with TROOPER! Tune in if you can! :-D

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