Changelog - #1 Sunday April 10th

Hey everyone today I…

- enabled card payments!

- added a couple missing yokai.

- started adding to the bibliography: (it’s gonna take a bit to get it looking exactly how I want it to.) - but you can now browse some of the yokai by what early scroll/bestiary they originally appear in!!  I have a few things I need to correct before everything’s looking 💯 but it’s a start at least! (I’m going to edit the main bibliography page as a master book source (& add a section for websites/links to friends) once I’ve had time to relax a bit) I realize that some things yokai to be retagged too

- finally got back to drawing today! (A tanuki & some more fearsome critters will be coming up later this week ❤️)

I have a few more things to migrate (mostly in the charms/toys section. but I’ll need to focus my efforts on other things tommorrow, for now I’ll try my best to have those up by Friday!

Thank you all for your support and visiting

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