Blog: upcoming local events!

Hey all, since somebody asked me where i was: Just a quick and friendly reminder that sadly I will NOT be at fanexpovancouver this weekend, this is because the local covid numbers are currently "VERY HIGH" - "1 in 54 in BC are currently infected with covid with an expected surge over the next two weeks. " -> More info at: <- Please stay safe and do mask up if you are in attendance.
I'm also happy to announce that I'll WILL be tabling at @ubcesports gaming expo next month on the 11th as well as @battleofbc 5 in May. (Perhaps a few other small events later in the year!) - These events in my experience are a fair bit smaller than Fanexpo and there for, more manageable for me to attend! (Reminder that I am immune compromised and live with older family members.) I feel that i can comfortably attend and deal with the crowd size that will be at these events. – Very much Looking forwards to seeing some you then!!

i'll have my full fighters pin set & updated "poyo parade" available. A nice selection of my yokai and other con-favourites too. I'll try to have some surprises ready for then as well ♥️👊
(PS: We'll see if I'm at @AnimeRevolution this year or not for similar reasons as FanExpo, expect an update a month or so before the event!)
Finally, if you recall my work was featured in a local artist vending machine a couple months ago! i'm very proud to say that the works sold out and I've been asked to restock in march when they move to waterfront station!! - Please look forwards for more news on that as it happens <3
As well, my next Yokai will most likely be up on Monday! - Continuing with the urban legends theme this month!! I have at least 3 more to post before the month rolls over and we switch back to a mixed bag of fearsome critters & folkloric yokai for a bit as usual, Please look forward to them!! <3 :)
[pics are from ubc gaming expo 2019]

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