• New stickers: yokai instruments

    a band of tsukumogami! Read more about em:•🎻Koto-Furunushi: •🪕 Shamichoro:
  • New sticker: the kofu incident

    The Kofu Incident - 甲府事件 - [Alien 🇯🇵 1975] - One of japans big 3 ufo encounters in kofu city yamamashi prefecture, two seven year olds, “K” & ”...
  • New sticker: Obake daikon

    Obake Daikon - [Yokai] - The vengeful spirit of a wasted bifurcated Daikon. - Vegetables often appear as yokai particularly in "Bakemono Tsukushi" ...
  • New sticker: azuki hakari

    More info 
  • New sticker: jubako baba

    Jūbako-Baba - 重箱婆 - (Heavy Lunchbox Hag.) an old tanuki that disguises as a frail old woman carrying a heavy looking box. She offers it saying, “do...
  • I’m in a vending machine!

      In very fun/cool/local news: I’m extremely hyped to say that some of my foodie art is featured & available as part of a Vancouver local artis...
  • New sticker: 'Little-Foot'

    more about it here:
  • New sticker(s): Neko Ni tako

    More about it here:
  • New sticker: supon no yurei

    more about it here:
  • New sticker: Nopperabo

    more info here:
  • New sticker: kuchisake onna

    Read more:
  • New sticker: Kidomaru