• New sticker: Catnuns

    Attempting to get my groove back after a dissatisfying couple days full story here:
  • Vancaf cancelled..

    Dear friends: due to family concerns, I must cancel my attendance at #VANCAF2022 @VancouverComics I'm incredibly disappointed, I worked so hard to ...
  • New sticker: Mystery Soda Machine

    read more about it here!
  • New sticker: tizzy-whizie

    More about it here
  • My Vintage MEAT stickers are now in the foodie section!

    Excellent news! i found my old MEAT series of stickers that i worried i'd lost forever a few years back, you can now get em as stickers or prints i...
  • New sticker: The Humpdumple

    More about it here.
  • New sticker Owl eyed ripple skipper

    More about it here:
  • New sticker: Kanibanbani

    A crabby dog 🦀🐕 ! full story here. 
  • • Change log: April 25th

    added updates to the front page! if you're enjoying my site, please dont forget to leave a comment <3 :) (i'll try my best to keep this up to da...
  • New sticker: Kiyohime

    Just in case you missed her, heres kiyo hime i'm quite proud of the details, scales are very difficult but i think i did ok! in retrospect i've bee...
  • ~New sticker: Mamedanuki ~

    i might not make a blog post for /every/ sticker i post, but it felt appropreate since this is the first new sticker since the site launched: check...
  • ChangeLog: - April 12th

    Putting on the spit-shine around the website: mostly adding missing things to sections or stuff i plum forgot about on launch date. - The Bibliogra...