Blog post: Lil June update+ new Patreon Tattoo reward tier!

Lil update time! ~
Patreon Club Rewards for Quarter 2 (for April, May, June) will be on their way towards the end of the month! Thank you all for your support!!! so far, this quarter we've managed to finish new 17 new yokai/cryptid/critters stickers stickers so far! - a few are particuarly segnifigant for the next issue of my yokai zine & the first issue of my fearsome critters zine. (June has only just begun, so we have a lot more coming up of course!!) - Just a friendly reminder that packages are on their way!!
• Speaking of Zine progress, it's been kinda slow the last month because I've been busy with life stuff. - (Dad got his hall of fame/Juno award last month and I had Battle of Bc which was a grand time!) - as I've said earlier: I have a few particular Yokai/Critters that I need to include in the next/first issue, I'm guessing Fearsome Critters Zine #1 will be released towards the end of the summer or start of fall? (August/September/Oct?) Yokai Zine #3 is similarly progressin' slowly but surely, I'm unsure if they'll be released at the same time, but we'll see!! One will surely follow the other, I plan to start on a UFO/Cryptid focused zine soon after that too. :)
• The Hoedag in the news! – Another particularly cool thing that happened towards the end of the last month was that the lake service shared my art of the 'hoedag' on their website! - I'm super pleased to say this attracted quite handful of sales from the area! (and a few people asking if I'd have shirts available too!) - The lake service said that they'd be in touch about officially liscencing my design of the critter for use on shirts etc, they'll be having meetings about it soon!! so, I'm thrilled and excited to see what happens, I'll be sure to keep you all posted as I hear back! <3
• New Tattoo pass reward Tier: $35. - A New Patreon reward teir for those that want to get any of my works tattooed on them! - its a one time payment (per 'tattoo pass'!) - alternatively you could tip via ko-fi, etc) After the payment goes through, I'd send your Tattoo Artist the HD artwork for them to use AND I'd mail you an official dated certificate for you to have and hold, showing that you had my explicit permission to get the art done!! - I've added this because today I was once again made aware that there was someone out there who got my art (this time beto-beto-san) tattooed on them without asking:

its an awseome tattoo by @sghinny and all, but I think it could have been even nicer if the artist had the HD art to use as reference! – (Plus, this was posted months ago without my knowledge and I only found out about it thanks to a friend DM-ing me. its not the first time someones gotten my art tattooed on them without asking, I also doubt it will be the last.) - This new tier is less me paywalling the option, & more so a way to encourage asking! (because hey If you're gonna get my art on you forever I wanna see it!!) - (Chances are if you're cool enough to ask, I'll say 'Go for it, but you can also leave a tip for me here, I'll send your artist the HD art AND you’ll get a nifty certificate for it!' - I'd like to add that I'm usually available for commissions and down for 100% custom tatt designs!! (I'd have been thrilled to make them a personalized betobetosan!!) - just contact me at and I'd be happy to chat with and work something out thats within your budget! :)
• Upcoming events/Conventions: Sadly, i was waitlisted for the upcoming 'Japan market' [in my experience being wait listed is basically a soft "not this time, try again next year!"] as well, sadly this months 'VancouversRetroGameExpo' was also sold out by the time I got in touch.. (so just a heads up, if you go looking for me, you wont find me there! ) – There are a couple of other events that i've signed up for, but i still haven't heard back about. – So: At the moment, it seems like Anime Revolution (at the Convention Centre, August 18-20th.) might be it for the summer at least! (I'll keep you all posted via socials as usual!!)
• Questions? - As usual, if you guys have any questions feel free to drop me a comment below via email, or on our discord channel. - love ya'll and please stay safe if you're in the sepiatone danger zone!! (Forest fires, its getting kinda smokey here too.)

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