Battle of BC 5 was a blast!

Thank you Battle of BC 5!! - it was the epitome of an incredible weekend! - I know I said this earlier on twitter, but It feels so good to be back to boothing after such a long time, I missed ya'll so much & I deeply appreciate the support & good vibes from the smash community. - Every time I see someones face light up as they search the board for their mains, freak out when they notice that I have drawn ALL their mains, and hearing that people gift my Kirb-Hat-Art to friends and family its so sweet, I love seeing contestants put wear the pins on their controllers, hats and bags too, it truly means the world.-- I'm thrilled say there was an equal amount of interest in my Catsup and Yokai stuff too <3 Seeing Smash players get excited both about folklore and my originals means more than I can say. -- During the covid break, I was a bit worried I had become irrelevant with the loss of consistent conventions ('social media' & twitter dying/supressing my posts hasn't helped either.) - So people hyping me up, means SO MUCH!!! gosh. I feel found and seen again. - I cant wait for next years BOBC6, and I hope to see more of you guys later this summer at @AnimeRevolution too.

One particular highlight was getting to meet my old friend @Nightmargin who gifted me her drawing of Euria (below) - I certainly wasn’t expecting to receive fan-art from a fairly obscure O.C.T tournament I awkwardly voiced one line in 15 years ago from an old friend who I'd never been able to meet before (--we've known each other for at least 15 years now!?!), at a smash bros tournament, but I’m scratching that off my bucket list<3

It was also a delight to get to meet @takkun who is making a beautiful yokai/cryptid focused original Manga! -- [its so much fun to see that other yokai artists seem to enjoy smash, cryptids and vise versa hahaha] -

it was a thrill to meet other long time net friends too (you know who you are <3) there where at TON of other highlights but I'm pretty much mentally spent and am exhausted now (3 day shows always tend do that) so I'm gonna take a couple days to decompress and then we'll be back to our regularly scheduled weekly monster art posts <3

/edit/ --Ohhps almost forgot, I also want to thank @novusnow for the collab this weekend! it was cool to do a cross-promo thing. --if you still have a coupon & code, the online code be good til the end of the month & the physical coupon is good to hand over the next time i see ya in person!

Thank you all so much for a rad event!!!!


[also debuted my new tablecloth!!]


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