You asked for tees!?

Heyo~!! So I was recently asked to do a small shirt run of my "cross-eyed crud!!" from someone in Kansas, The Crosseyed Crud is pretty much as obscure a critter as you can can get... but I decided "eh, why not?" – As such, I've set up a listing where you can order ANY design of my creatures on Shirts you'd like and I'll do a super small-limited-run order: • You can order them via my website here:
Instructions are pretty simple, just email me at with the subject "custom shirt" - let me know which critter/yokai you want & your sizes! when i set it up: i'll send you a link to purchase it & i'll order 'em, 3-6 weeks later they arrive, I'll take some photos & then mail them to you <3
i'll be ordering 5 at a time, unless there's demand for more of specific designs<3

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