Cancelling my appearance at Anirevo

Dear friends, sorry to say: but I've decided to cancel my appearance at Anime Revolution 2022 for reasons beyond my control. – Experts are saying that covid varients are on the rise again & are likely to peak in August, andit seems that we've entered a third wave. [this seems to be true as a couple of friends of mine that were vending at MiniComi last weekend have come down ill.] - I have not been exposed as I was not there, (if you where, I should hope you'll monitor yourselves,  a reminder that tests are free at your local pharmacy.) – At present I have yet to be called in to get the latest booster. it's better to be safe than sorry, especially, because I live in an immune compromised household. - Sorry if its a let down, I miss everyone more than I can really say. I hope to see you at in-person at in person events in 2023. Please stay safe if you decide to attend any events this summer and be well.

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