New Sticker: space acorn.

Hey all, my apologies for the slow posts so far this month: I'm currently recovering from the shock of finding out that my entire Deviant Art & Art-Station gallery's, my early commissions and portfolios were stolen/scraped by A/I. (This is despite my best efforts to get everything off the targeted sites, I guess I was too late...) --Needless to say, i did not concent to my art or style being trained, and have actively been against it from the start. I'm deeply disturbed by this, i had a gut feeling it would happen eventually, but after working so hard to do my due diligence to prevent it & seeing it all up there regardless, its just heartbreaking. 😰💔 Sadly there's very little that I can actively do about it... Especially because, coupled with the current collapse of twitter & social media as we've know it has my views & engagement at an all time low. – being honest, its kinda got me a bit shook. -- regardless I'm taking care of myself as best i can.. SO: because I’m feeling further overwhelmed, the bios this month might be a fair bit shorter than usual. (I promise i'll back and update them with my full thoughts & deep dives when I'm back to 100% at a later date.) Please rest assured, I'll keep bringing you my all with the art as always though, so worry not! --Anyway... baby steps, Today's is extra short simple and fun, just to hopefully help me get back into the swing of drawing things & posting regularly. -- I've already finished a couple more past today's, I've previewed them on lens & on our discord if you're curious whats coming up in the next couple days :) 

....ANYWAY, onto the: Full post.

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