New sticker: Fresno Nightcrawler 2 (Lets boogaloo)

As of two days ago, I've officially cancelled my subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud (For several reasons: firstly the one that 'broke' me away was them hiring that idiot who tried to copyright that AI comic book (and lost, mind you.) that feels like a pretty clear statement that they dont care to protect the artists that made them billionares --Coupled with them mistreating everyone who submit stock with adobe firefly,  just makes me infuriated. -- But honestly, this was along time coming? I've been using Animate for 15 years!!! I've watched adobe change from a one and done purchase plan, to a parasitic subscription model --TO SELLING EVERYONE OUT? not cool and not gonna fly. I'll take my pen elsewhere.
Friendship with Adobe Animate ended. ToonBoom Harmony is my friend (--For now? (unless i find something better.)

--So I took a couple days and learned a new program & behold, I have successfully managed to use harmony to make a new sticker, can you even tell the difference? me neither. -- so yeah!!! -- hopefully this migration wont be toooooo much of a headache? I haven't exactly made the commitment yet to purchase the full license or upgrade to the new software (made this on the trial) but I'll keep you all posted as I go, the more I get used to it the more comfortable I'll be and the better they'll get. :)

--Anyway I decided to get used to the program by drawing a second Fresno nightcrawler sticker (you can never have too many!) Tommorrow I will tackle something a bit more complicated. – in the meantime, You can get 'em over here:

PS i updated my upcoming events at the bottom of the page, excited to be at a few more events such as pinnacle & sunset next week!

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