Lil September Updates:

Lil update for September just to show I'm not dead/because I seem to be lagging on art/monster output still.

• In personal news: I've been busy with life and chores fixing up the chickens greenhouseas well as helping my parents move stuff (getting ready to paint and replace our sprinklers after nearly 20 years!!) I haven't been quite as active on social media in general since the death of twitter (I decided To delete the app from my phone.) I'm a little lonely but I'm taking it a day at a time. (reminder that our discord channel is a thing too!) my dad and I have been watching one piece and enjoying it quite a bit. ( both the live action and anime)

...anyway steady as she goes, heres some Art & Work related updates:

• Took me nearly a full week, but my new work portfolio/gallery website is finally up~ (The old one was taken down because I finally unsubscribed to Adobe, moved over to Toonboom with a perpetual license, No regrets.) it was a gauntlet to re-upload 300+ monsters and other peices but I'm quite happy with how it turned out, now if you need to look at my entire menagerie of creatures at once, just click the portfolio button in the mast on & scroll, each one should contain links to the full bios as well! :) Cara is an artist-run website (with anti-data scraping measures in place) so I'm thrilled to be a part of it!

• I'm currently knee deep working on another big poster commission, I'm very hyped about it because it involves working with a pretty big company for someone really cool, I cant wait to show it off, It'll be up likely after the 19th? Yosh! Please be excited!!

• I recently got my hands on a /very rare/ bestiary from 1942 called "Gremlin Americanus" by Eric Solane. (Online it usually goes for 600$+ but I got it at a steal for just $45.) - I'm very excited to start researching/redrawing from the earliest/forgotten 'Gremlin Bestiary' out there, theres seriously some great stuff in here, the best part is that after a background check: the legends are all from real pilots and air bases, I've set up a section under my websites bibliography  tab for it (& added some other new stuff there tooexpect me to start drawing these as I finish up 3 remaining fearsome critters!


•Speaking of chickens! New basan shirts are up for pre/custom order! I'm also re-ordering the bonsai shirts, if you want one in your size, please do so: here


• I added a couple more events to my year end roster: I've never been to made in the 604 event before so it will be a new experience, next ones up is KAWAIICON on the 30th at the Croatian cultural centre, If you're in the area I hope to see you then~


• Patreon Packages for Quarter 3 as well as all Etsy & Shop packages will be sent as of early next week! please look forward to them <3 :)

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