News: 1st Tatoo Pass Patron!

Yahoo! Our first “tattoo pass patron” joined up last night - - 🥰 They chose to get my Karasu tengu! tatted! I'm Very Hyped to see how it turns out!!
The tengu which I drew back in 2021 was inspired by the kotengu statues of Tokyos mt takao & kuniyoshis (edo period) prints which told the story of Minamoto Yoshitsune! ( you can read a little more about it in my post about sojobo here)
I’m especially hyped about this because the tat artist was good enough to find me and ask permission first (as they should!) 🥹 Although my works been tattooed on people a lot in past, this is technically the first time someone  actually asked permission first and so marks the first time I’ve made $ off my art as a tattoo, which means the world, thank you!!! - I’ll be sure to share it when it’s done and link to their stuff too 🤙✨
[Friendly reminder that my zines are still in the works, at present most I can say is 'they'll be ready when they're ready' – if you want to support my progress, you can do so on patreon or by pre-ordering/getting stickers over here: ]

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