Crazy kawaiiconvan! [blog]

Just a quick post to say Thank you for your support at yesterdays event! It exceeded my expectations by a mile and it was a treat to get to see old and new friends alike!!

Attendance was CRAZY busier than expected (in the end my sales where comparable to a day at Anirevo! In my 12 years of tabling at events, I’ve NEVER seen the Croatian centre so packed (I had almost given up on it as a venue tbh.) it was so crazy busy that there wasn’t much of a chance to for me to take food/water breaks. - (When the day starts for artists it’s hard to find time to take breaks, especially when you’re the only person setting up, managing & making sales at your booth (to those just starting out, don’t be like me hah! 🤪 ) - it was really fun to get to watch the cosplayers on stage my favourite part was when monkey d luffy did a backflip, the room went nuts 😂 (he won the cosplay contest) - I’m exhausted, so I’m gonna keep this short and zzz for a few days now!!! It was great to catch up with old friends however brief, pic dump below!

Ps: Wild Karl spotted. (Character is from OCT: law of talos - (for those unaware; I voice-acted the green haired character (Euria) 15 years ago now, it’s still NUTS to me To see people cosplaying & making various tiktok fancams for something i got to be a part of so long ago (even if my contribution was just one voice line)  🤣💚)

I forgot to ask who the cosplayer was… but they said they knew & followed my work, so if you’re reading this, it means so much, Thank you!!! 💚🫵😊 (lemme know and I’ll add your @!)
I’ll likely have some new art up Monday or Tuesday so please look forward to it! Patron Packages for Q3 July/Aug/sept support will also be sent off by the 5th as well!! 🙏😊 october will be a busy month, I’m excited!


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