Celebrating 9.5 Years of Catsup and Sticker Club!

Hey all!! I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you all for the years of support!! – it's technically my 16th anniversary of posting online in general, my 14th year of in-person shows & events, and also the 9.5th year of CatSup (& Landfishcomic) stuff, this year also marks the anniversary of my Patreon launch and thus, the beginning of my Sticker Club!!! – and so, To celebrate both the Sticker Club & Catsup anniversary I've decided to order some Sticker Collection Albums!!

Each album will be B4 size (nice and big) & contains 50 re-usable (blank) wax pages for sticking/organizing/re-sticking your stickers, they’ll also come with an optional pouch for additional sticker storage! ~ The albums will be coil bound so you can even add stuff (like trading card pouches for instance!) - All of my ongoing patrons that have been supporting at $10+ for 6 months or more will get a sticker album in the mail as a gift along with the next Q3 packages <3 - The albums are also available for pre-order on my website over here!  – [lf these do well, you might see other designs in future as well!!] for now I decided to stick with my old reliable to see how these do!

[back and front cover. I'm so excited to see them printed! estimated arrival date will be September!]

I reused elements from the deskmats, but if you look closely it’s all slightly different as I had to re-make them all from scatch in toonboom! if nothing else it felt like a good way to refresh and celebrate. 😌❤️🍅 though the comic itself remains on hiatus for the foreseeable future, I do plan to continue it 'someday' sadly I'm still unsure when that day will be (since the pandemic, my personal life and priorities have changed a bit (sadly just how it is ¯\(ツ)/¯.) of course I'll continue to bring you all my best with many more yokai and critters! I'm not going anywhere!! - Speaking of: as theres no events until August for me, So My personal goal for the month is to finish up the loose ends and hopefully have the next Zine(s) ready to print by Fall <3]

[A commemorative sticker~ all patrons will also get one in the next package too!]

Anyway, happy anniversary and do expect my next monster sticker up by tommorrow!!! (check the group chat/discord for a preview of that!) ❤️🍅

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