[Blog post] Art Theft, Sick, Event Cancellation

Hey all, This is mostly a PSA/Update to let you know that my works been yet again scraped and stolen. -  This ”Art-Wishers” website seems to scrape the net and then re-list everything indiscriminately based on the search, its so indiscriminate on what it chooses its even got social media posts. -  There's even preview images from Patreon up there...it seems that my entire portfolio is for sale, and it’s listed at twice the price as what I normally sell my art for...

I'm a bit lost as of what to do, as even though they have a DMCA page i'm unsure if it will lead any where (if it will put me on a spam list or what.) - they seem to be based out of china or the bahamas so I've been in touch with a lawyer and hopefully they'll get back to me asap and will know what to actions to take. - I'll be sure to post updates as i hear back.

I know I don’t have to remind y'all this, but a friendly reminder that my website: http://samkalensky.com, https://samkalensky.etsy.com & of course http://patreon.com/samkalensky are the only legit places online to purchase my art online. I mostly hand make & sell stickers, but HD prints of my photos can also be arranged, if you ask! -

Aside from that: I've been very sick with the flu since the Pinnacle event last weekend, (Chills and Sore throat, thankfully not Covid.) - Unfortunately: it also means that I've had to cancel my appearance at this weekends c spark animation event this weekend on the 12th, my general productivity & income this month as such has taken a bit of a massive hit, and on top of feeling sick i'm feeling ripped off and angry.

That said, as of yesterday, i'm at least no longer 'bed ridden' so I'm back to drawing art-work &  compiling packages as of this post. I'll do my best to have the next few critters up this weekend  & Etsy/Shop packages will be mailed off by Monday...


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