A good boy! - [Pik 4 Fan-work]

Woof! - First Proper fanart I've drawn in what feels like ...years? haha. Sometimes you just gotta game a bit to break through the art-block. in my state of blues, I somehow managed to 100% Platinum Pikmin 4! I could see oatachi & the rescue corp rookie as a fighters in the next smash? (If we get one.) but it does make me wonder if they'd add Moss to Olimars character? (Though that makes me wonder what would happen to Aleph...(Maybe they would they replace him with Louie?) --Ahem. I digress. I'll look at this as prep for whenever the next fighters are announced. 

As with all my fanworks, These wont be for sale in my shops online but will be at event/patreon club exclusives~! - I'll See you in person next at Anime Revolution in 10 days on the 18th-20th! – (leftovers will be sent to my sticker club patrons in the next round of stuff! <3 )

Hopefully I'll be back getting back to regular & frequent yokai/critter posts later this week!!


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